First, yes.  A little click-baiting, that title.

Carole did the first three diopters without the help of endmyopia.  That would seem both heretical and implausible, a case of worshipping false gods and still reporting answered prayers.  Smiteth, thee!  

But we’ll let that slide (and graciously take credit via the post title).

Here’s Carole’s improvement report post in our Facebook group:

Nice progress.

Almost cut in half, that myopia.

High myopia is a gateway to all sorts of really problematic conditions that will affect your eyesight in very unsettling (and often irreversible) ways.  You simply can’t go through life with double digit myopia and expect to not eventually find out what it’s like to not have decent eyesight, irrespective of lenses used.  

So do whatever it takes to naturally reduce your diopter dependence.  You can tackle the first diopter (or three, wow – though you need very high myopia for that) in a lot of ways.  Even unicorn farming things like various eye exercise programs might get you started.  (That is, if you prefer to start the hard way so you can later fully appreciate the bearded elegance of the endmyopia approach.)

Notice the trend, as you read these improvement reports?

It’s like we’re shooting these out of a cannon.  We could literally showcase a new one of these for you, every single day.  Every day, for all days, no end in sight.  

Consider that endmyopia is a tiny site, even if it’s run by a very guru-smatic persona. It’s a tiny site, with a tiny blog and a tiny Youtube channel and a tiny Facebook group – and yet, the volume of improvement reports (unedited, directly from third party sites like Facebook) is just nothing short of staggering in relative volume.

Basically, if you go endmyopia, you will make 20/20 gains.  Or at least it would seem fairly likely.

Can *you* do it?

That’s the question only you can answer, and only if you go and try.  Fortunately we have a ginormous pile of helpful guides, a Facebook group full of supportive friends, and a Jake to offer all sorts of unnervingly insightful insights.