Endmyopia and the sagely method to all the 20/20 gains, based on two very simple concepts: 1) Strain management and 2) productive stimulus.

As the divine 20/20 rules state – you can’t make much use of refractive state changing stimulus, as long as your eye’s focusing muscle is locked up from excessive close-up use. 

Those countless daily hours of screen time take their toll.  You might have great habits for all of your computer time, but perhaps you’re really discounting the hours that add up watching Netflix on your iPad while in bed.  Or maybe the time you spend reading books at half of your actual blur horizon distance in dim ambient light.  Or the time you spend scrolling through Instagram posts on your phone.  

It’s the little things that kill all the progress, sometimes.  Ciliary spasm can lurk in places you fail to consider – and you might not realize you have a locked up focusing muscle.

Learn To Better Manage Your Ciliary Function

This particular helpful lesson is straight out of BackTo20/20 (and our very own darling Facebook group):

How the guru earned his momentously wind-blown beard.

A few extra things to note:

As you’ve heard me say a trillion times everywhere from the 7 day e-mail course to many of the posts here in the blog:  I include everything you need for all your 20/20 gains, for free here in the darling bloglet.  It’s not step-by-step like BackTo20/20 – because you need to learn, to learn (or remember to, anyway).  Accepting being spoon fed everything you know is what got you complacent enough to trust optometry in the first place.  

The Guru Accepts American Express

Unless you’re buying, that is.  

Everything is for sale at some price, which includes guru-Jakey’s apparently flexible insistence that you figure everything out yourself with just the help of this blog.  Flash a man some cash, get into the BackTo20/20 program, and a guru might look just a little bit like the holy Dalai Lama:

What’s that on your wrist?

Yes that’s definitely a Rolex Day-Date with the ‘president’ bracelet.  Think 30 thousand or so dollars, and think that’s not the man’s only solid 18k all gold Rolex.  

Of course most posts you read here end up being various levels of digression and unexpected side notes.  One of those is that you can be an seemingly most humbly garbed ascetic guide and at yet at the same time and ostensibly confusingly also be ballin‘.  Things tend to be more nuanced than a simple categorization can do justice.  Humans are funny animals.  And the Dalai Lama wears glasses.

Check your ciliary spasm!