Quick recap of the past week of guru-inbox and some of our darling participant gains highlights.

First up let’s venture to the Le Meow forum and an update from a starting point of -0.75 to currently lens-free eyesight:


That’s beautiful.

And here’s an ‘eye doctor’ approved update from Clement:

(don’t get Outlook for Android, though)

Another one to file under optometrist-confirmed gains reports.

And here’s another -0.75 to 20/2o report:

I’m not rigging these.

It’s a low myopia update week, what can I say.

And here’s another optometrist confirmed 20/20 gains report:

Love these.

And here’s one from the countless Facebook chat requests I get:

Great start.

And here’s Irfan and a whole diopter reduction so far:

Stimulus works.

And here’s one I really wanted to turn into a whole separate post:

Lots to unpack.

Sadly the old eye guru has been swamped lately.  No time for long ranting blog posts.  But you can totally see where this one would be headed.

Lastly, here’s a whole family’s worth of gains:

Amazing stuff.

There we go.  A week’s worth of gains highlights.

Maybe this is the way to go.  Weekly recap style posts on gains.

Usually I screenshot messages and stick them in a folder and then I never get back to the folder and posting the updates.  Hundreds upon hundreds of gains updates have fallen victim to the ravages of (lack of) time that is me trying to keep up with everybody getting rid of their glasses.

There are so many improvement reports and I really want to share as many of them with you, as possible.  That’s the whole point of endmyopia, not waxing poetic about the terrible state of affairs – but rather taking action and doing what matters.  Which is improving your own life, having your own experience, getting rid of those stupid glasses and going outside to see the world as it really is.

Go make some 20/20 gains!