One of the awesome purported ideas about the endmyopia method is how quickly you can start to see tangible results.

An old and dubious guru always like to say, a good way to live life might be skeptical, and also open minded.  Don’t believe everything you see or read, especially with this whole Internet-caused erosion of trust in general.  Realize that there’s a lot of snake oil and conspiracy theory and wishful thinking and unicorn farming out there – and among it, the occasional grain of truth.

Not to say that truth is here.  At all.

Just that this site, like any other, may have something worth your time.  And it only takes a little time to quantify for yourself.

Like Diana did:

Great start.

And with that, it’s more tempting to continue when you already find yourself on the right path.

Always question, research (Google Scholar!), and most importantly, quantify.  Don’t necessarily just trust your “feelings” but find ways to put tangible data down as measurable results.  Does a thing work?  Well … it says x, so are you getting x result?

Jake being a bit of a stock trading type still, will keep tempting you with quantifiable results.

Also Jake now likes to speak of himself in third person.

Go make some 20/20 gains!

– Jake, The Royal We