Step numero uno to improving your eyesight is … controlling your close-up strain.


Because close-up strain (or more accurately the underlying focusing muscle spasm) is what got you into the whole myopia problem in the first place.  You want to address causality of any problem first, make sure the hole in the boat is plugged before you start bailing out water.  

Right?  You can remove as much water as you want, but if the hole is still there your boat still be sinking.

This is also the case with your eyeballs.  You can do all the active focus you want, have the right focal planes, got your blur horizon all dialed in.  None of it is going to go very far, for very long, as long as you keep locking up your ciliary muscle all day every day.  

Causality, darling kittehs.  Address it first.

Here’s a quick video from your ever dashing, ever last one of the majestically bearded eye gurus, explaining how to check your ciliary spasm:

Sometimes truth has a dorky face.

Now, you’re wondering.  Is Jake an actual saint?  How does one solitary, statuesque guru produce so much awesome, so much humanity-eyeball-saving tool action, all by hisself?

No guru is an island, kittehs.  

The fuel for all the ongoing building of this resource comes from you.  You clicking over to your e-mail and sending me a quick note, or progress update, or being in our Facebook group helping newbies, you sharing posts and videos (today’s video is also on Facebook to share, here), all that is what makes endmyopia happen. 

Work on those eyeballs.  And keep sharking your 20/20 gains!