Over in our forum, Rick posts:

I’ve tried this for two years now with a -1.50 diopter and I’m still at -1.50 diopter. I give up. I wish you guys good luck. I’m done with this experiment. Bye!

Which can happen.  Not for me to brush under any carpet.

The whole thread is here.

Here’s what I commented, which may or may not be useful if you ever find yourself in a similar spot.

That last diopter-ish range can be a real pain.

There’s also the option of “take a break” as a mindset vs “giving up”. Park it somewhere, diopter-wise. Main thing is to maintain good habits about close-up and not forget to have some kind of life-enjoying distance vision habit / hobby.

If you can get to -1.25 for a comfortable diopter parking spot, that’d be great anywhere for whenever you want to experiment.

Around that range you can go without glasses on a nice sunny day, for a little while on a walk for example. Plus you don’t need them for close-up. Even if you’re mentally in a “f u Jake I’m not doing this anymore” state, you can start a sunny day walk without glasses. Just wear plano sunglasses, the additional contrast will be great. If you haven’t worn the glasses that day yet, you might get some nice clear flashes and around one diopter, they’re not all that necessary.

Then put them back on whenever you’re over it. No strain no expectations no big project. Just eventually finding the very chill habit that those things can come off sometimes. Don’t be tempted to go with lower diopters at any point. Forget diopters, don’t mess with it at all from that -1.25 diopter onward (don’t ignore this point, thinking about diopters again is more likely to bring back previous unproductive experiences and you don’t need to mess with them anymore at this point). Just glasses on when you feel like it, and off when you don’t want them. Nothing more than that.

You might just do that. And over time you might find that you do it more often.

As long as close-up without glasses, not too much ciliary spasm, and that … the longer term results may be a pleasant surprise.

Also check in anytime to vent. We get it, “I’m giving up” doesn’t mean you don’t care. This whole experiment can absolutely be properly frustrating sometimes.

There we go.  Use at your own discretion.