Quick one today, two for one improvement reports.

First Jordan, who despite having fallen off the 20/20 gains wagon for a bit, has managed some significant milestones:

On a positive note.

If the state says you don’t need glasses to drive, then you pretty well don’t need glasses.

That’s one of the ultimate goals for your 20/20 gains!

And to help reduce the backlog of improvement reports waiting to be posted, let’s also give a thumbs up to Sean who has been making serious progress as well:

Massive progress.

Two diopters in seven months.  Pretty good!

The only way you’ll keep doing the old blind mole rat impression wearing your glasses, is to completely ignore all the sage advice from the imaginarily bearded eye guru.  The improvement reports just keep piling on, year in year out.  You got multi diopter gains, you got no-glasses-drivers-license gains, you’ve got all the 20/20 gains right here.

So go make some, and then share all your gains with all the darling kitteh readers here!