Well hey there!  Welcome back.  Welcome back to catching you up with some of the latest supposedly ‘impossible’ myopia reversal reports.

First, here’s the goal of this post: Keep things rant free, with minimal sarcasm relating to the self-proclaimed ‘medical’ establishment and their richly imagined tapestry of stories of a mysterious genetic myopia illness.  And their entirely incidental gosh-golly how’d that happen hundred billion dollar profit ‘treatment’ enterprise.

Jake, you’re thinking.  You’re already doing it again.

Apologies.  Here’s Joy:

Darn, though.  Honestly how’d that happen.

I’m not going to say anything.

Except congratulations.  Whatever you’ve done there Joy, seems to be working out for you.

Let’s do some more improvement updates, while we’re already here.  And keeping with names starting with a J, let’s see what Jill has to say (I swear this is just how the inbox worked out,):

Jill, Joy, and Jake.  It’s a club.

Again here, no sarcastic remarks on my part.  Just … congrats, Jill.

Shall we do one more?

We shall indeed.  Here’s Barry who is 66 and finding that having less myopia is definitely more better:

And no presbyopia.  Miracles upon miracles.

Ok, so.

I said I won’t do sarcasm in this post.  May I say this one thing though, if it pleases the court.  I’ve had various optometrists and other so-called professionals tell me tell me with all of their professional might and authority that everyone over 50 has presbyopia.

Everyone, kittehs.

So without sarcasm, where does this leave Barry?  Is he *gasp* lying?

Let’s assume he isn’t.  Let’s because over a decade as highly respectable and moderately sagely bearded guru I’ve mostly not encountered anyone over 50 with presbyopia.  At least not after reducing their myopia, recovering most of their accommodation range, and also not listening to the for-profit, lens-selling, psedoscience excuse of a collective bunch of dirty shameless lies from the optometry establishment.

(after all that lens selling and genetic myopia claiming, they do admit they cause myopia)

Yikes. Looks some somebody done did go off script.  Just pretend you didn’t see that last part, and let’s just leave the improvement reports as material witnesses to whatever they may signify to you.