Written By Despina
Contributing Optometrist

OK, so he could brush up on his spelling (that lady is right, but I was too polite, like most of you, to mention it). And he continuously insults my profession, despite swearing he’ll change his habits. So why am I still not offended, and unsubscribing from this program? 


Yes, changed!! After just under a month of wearing my normalized prescription, my cm have increased by 2cm in each eye!!! And I am thrilled!!! Because that’s 0.50 Dioptre in my right eye and 0.75 Dioptre in my left. I’ve been checking and double-checking..it’s definitely happened.

I was optimistic that it would, from the start, so I stuck it out through various obstacles that Jake talked me through. But there was that tiny shadow of doubt in my mind, I’m sorry to say. Because I thought that I might, just might, be that rare case that doesn’t respond to these habit changes and stimuli. Thankfully, that hasn’t been the case, and I look forward to further improvements. Whether or not it will continue at the same rate only time will tell.

So in return, I will tell Jake what Greek people sip on, and off, boats. It’s called Ouzo.