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Yes, the site banner taunts us with good news.  But I have been told to shut up and wait, about what mainly is the good news in the works.  So … we will have to […]

Jake Steiner

Mar 10,2015 · 3 min read

Yes, the site banner taunts us with good news.  But I have been told to shut up and wait, about what mainly is the good news in the works.  So … we will have to contend ourselves with other positive things for today.

One positive thing, all the e-mails asking me about test lens kits, which I often fail to answer.

Here are some that might work for you, and some tips and caveats.

A Really Cheap Kit


Less than a hundred US dollars, shipping included.

It’s small, portable, and cheaper than most budget glasses at the local optic shop.  And Ali is quite good about making sure you get the product, or your money back.

The downsides of this kit?  Doesn’t include the lens frame.  If you have one, or if you are feeling ultra budget, or if you want to play the monocle guy from monopoly …


Maybe that’s not him.  But either way, it’s a test lens kit.  Not that you necessarily want that one, unless you really are trying to stick to the hundred dollar budget.

Let’s look a little bit up market.

Kit With Frame Included


Here is a kit that would be just as cheap, if it wasn’t for the shipping option.  But it has a frame, which is something you want to be looking for (ideally).  

You are still going to get something that’s pretty frightfully crappy.

But then how good does it have to be?

If you are buying in a group and want several kits, often the best way to go is to buy the frames separate.  That way you aren’t constrained to all in one kits which are less prevalent.  Optometrists tend to buy them separately, so this should make sense.

Separate Frames As An Option


Look at that.  37 dollars with shipping, for five sets of frames.  Gather your myopia rehabilitating friends, and make this one work! 

Bear in mind that I don’t own this set.  I’m not recommending this one specifically.  These are just suggestions to get you pointed in the right direction.  Look at the feedback of the seller, and do realize that a lot of this stuff from China is just barely getting your money’s worth (although, a proper test lens kit from Germany can run into the thousands of dollars, so it’s all highly relative).

For the whole list over at Aliexpress, see here.

And if the link doesn’t work for some reason, just go to Aliexpress and search for “trial lens set”.  You’ll get a lot of options to choose from.

Do you need a test lens kit?  That’s up to you (and discussed all over the blog – use the search function).

This should be helpful to those of you who I unfortunately didn’t provide a lot of pointers for previously.  My apologies, the e-mail box fills up quickly and persistently, and for a lot of Google type of questions I’m not always on the ball with responses.  

Hopefully this is helping some of you!  


– Jake


Oh, and … they did say to keep quiet, but …endmyopia-tiny


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