Alisa: 0.75 Diopters Improvement (Just Over The Summer!)

People ask what happened to the e-mails.  Do you still get e-mails, VanderJakenhausen?




A little tweaking there seems apropos, with the close-up habits.

See how simple it is to diagnose where you’re going off course?  Your eyesight shouldn’t get worse with more close-up.  Improvement may slow, sure.  But you shouldn’t actually be sliding back up to higher diopters.  If you are, some tweak action is in order.

Housekeeping:  December is coming up, which means dealing with accountants and lawyers and admin things.  Never totally fun, always a bit distracting.  

It’s also about time to separate BackTo20/20 from the site/blog, on a site-code-things level.  All that activity in the program is slowing down the blog, entirely unnecessarily.  So coming up is a behind-the-scenes project of separating blog and general readership Website, from the member stuff.  If you are in BackTo20/20, you’ll eventually get forwarded to a domain specific to your program, rather than the site in general.  Nothing is really going to change, except things will be slightly less messy to manage, and perhaps a little bit faster.

Improving your own eyesight?  Want to connect with fellow myopes?  Join the #1 natural myopia control discussion group online:

Endmyopia Facebook Group

On a personal note, we also just finished our kitesurfing lessons (Moo did, and I’m just an hour or two behind).  So there’s another thing that’s going to be pulling me away from screens.  I’m hoping I’ll find a way to tie in that kind of outdoor fun with the idea of giving you reasons and inspiration to get back to 20/20, to make the most of that time also for you.  Let’s see how that goes …



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