Ian: “I Was Skeptical, But Wow!” (From 23 to 41 cm In 3 Weeks)

Your darling friend Jakey is the world’s biggest skeptic.

Getting ever so slightly older now, I’m realizing that while there are many benefits to this attitude, I likely missed out on various interesting experiences as well.  Sometimes people use language different than what you are used to, and that’s all it might take for you to shake your head and dismiss new ideas.  New perspective is a tricky thing to appreciate.  

Anyway.  Ian.  20/20 gains, that’s today’s topic.  

Let’s see if I can just give you this progress report, straight from the Facebook Group, without gloating the entire rest of this post.

*inscrutable guru face*

Gloating aside, you know what’s missing?

We certainly have the method down.  We have a huge site, many hundreds of articles discussing science and how-to guides and countless student progress reports.  What we don’t have, is a charismatic guru leader.

A leader figure that inspires trust.  You want a guy who right from the start, you just can’t help but be inclined to believe.  The tall, charismatic, warm-eyes-deep-eye contact, Spanish guy style long curly hair and just-enough bearded wise man.  Surfer calm combined with science professor wisdom, radiating inspiration and kindness.

That’s who you need.

That guy, gazing into the camera, lost in thought.  Then, like looking straight through the lens, right at you (into your very soul, kitteh!), telling you all about how your life will completely change, once you stop being a prisoner of those corporate lenses.

But that’d be too easy.  Fate likes to sprinkle your life full of ironies and twists and turns.  Probably that’s why you find this resource, full of excellent insights and guides and hundreds of student thumbs-up … but then presented by a character who is much less charismatic modern day Spanish-Surfer-Jesus, and much more post sunstroke captain Jack Sparrow (but without the Johnny Depp looks or cool pirate accessories).  Because that’s how it goes, irony has to be part of all the best things.

And these posts, Jake, you say.  You could just post the progress reports and shut up.  




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Ian: “I Was Skeptical, But Wow!” (From 23 to 41 cm In 3 Weeks)
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