Another day, another report of 20/20 gains.

Or make that a couple of reports, actually.  For the sake of keeping it interesting we’ll do one that’s showing how the mainstream has to acknowledge that bearded wisdoms are the real thing – and another that’s more about a bit more subjective (but arguably more important) experience of improving eyesight.

Let’s start with ze numbers, yaaa:

Screenshot and all.

Nice right?

Coincidentally most of the detractors and nay-sayers have retreated back to their mom’s basements and behind the cash registers of their retail optic shops.  

The endmyopia voice has been growing into the thousands of reports like Dina’s.  We’re discussing a lot of vision science and clinical studies.  Momentum continues building and it’s becoming more obvious that despite all the guru jokes we are the actual read deal.

Here’s another real deal:

Things that matter.

At least as important as the numbers, is your experience with better eyesight.

I care more about being able to see the sign across the street clearly, than having some goon with a trying-hard-to-convince-me-its-important title (and the motive to sell me more glasses) tell me diopter numbers via his rigged “eye exam”.  Removing your trust in yourself is the optometrist’s first step in making you a forever “patient” of his.  You don’t know what you can see and what you can’t see, till they tell you.   That’s what they’d like you to believe anyway.

Or that you’re genetically broken.  But let’s not get into rant territory, here.

Suffice it to realize that here we have two key experiences – an optometrist confirmed significant improvement in eyesight and also the individual realization that the world around them is beocming sharper, clearer, more defined.  

Some parting words:  Don’t assume that anyone is looking out for your best interests.  Not when they’ve got rent to pay, inventory to move, constituent votes to gather, or being visited by lobbyists representing unknown corporate interests.  Educate yourself about things that matter to you.  Before you let some stranger “prescribe” you things that affect your body, go on Google Scholar, read studies, find counter arguments, come to understand what’s going on.  We don’t live in an age that warrants blind faith in “them” of any sort.