Oh boy.  Oh boy ohboyohboy.

No more glasses.  That’s our favorite kind of story, and we’ve collected many of them over the past 20 years.

Here’s another success story for you:

Pretty cool?

Note that our editing minion spent hours and hours to whittle this one down to four minutes.  For you.

You can find the full (audio) version of it on our Shortsighted Podcast page, or if you’re subscribed to our podcast, in your favorite podcast app.  The full video version is available from the Pro Topic Video list, which you have access to if you bought BackTo20/20 (or alternatively Le Rough Guide with the video option).

Some days I can’t believe that I’m still doing this.  So many years of the Sisyphus-ian futility of preaching sanity and beardly wisdoms unto fools and heathens, the disinterested and optometry brainwashed.

But so it goes.  I’ll probably have to die before I can have the statue in the park, before people realize the immeasurably awesome insights collected in the cavernous depths of this Website and it’s 1,200+ posts of guides and improvement updates.

Yes you can reverse lens dependence.  No you aren’t genetically broken.  And definitely, this is the destination if you want just habit based gains, without the eye exercises and eye yoga and fruitless side quests and unnecessary supplements.

What would I do, in your shoes, if I was just getting started?  I’d buy a course.

Honestly, and not even solely as a sales pitch.  Money involved means somebody is more likely to be accountable for improving your experience.  Free means nobody necessarily cares.  There’s no incentive.  I personally would definitely want the most concise, organized, support-provided option when it comes to experimenting on my eyeballs.  Which of course and granted, sketchy to begin with.  Only for those with some tolerance for experiments and challenges.  Probably best to just trust the optometrist and get LASIK.

That’s it for this month’s update.  I hope you enjoy these.  I also have several more podcast episodes already recorded for you, some really interesting journeys coming.  Stay tuned for the December update!