The title gives away all of Eva’s 20/20 gains.

I often tell people that one diopter of improvement in 90 days is very possible.  Granted from there progress settles into a somewhat more modest pace but still, you can easily get all the way back to 20/20 with the right habits and tools.

A one diopter difference is *all* the difference though, when we’re talking about two diopters, vs. one diopter.

Gratuitously, reposting Eva’s report here again:

Sharing is spreading awareness.

This is where you want to get to.

From there I have the whole low myopia section of the blog put together for you, with a zillion more tips and progress reports to get you off that last diopter of old timey, fake plastic focal planes.  Everything you need, in one place.

Let’s also use this opportunity to unload some more improvement reports.

Here’s another one of the increasing amount of optometrist confirmed diopter reduction reports, from Kim:

Also in low myopia territory.

And one more:


My inbox is figuratively bursting with these reports.

I’ve been posting a bit less here recently since the to-do list has long been calling for a whole lot of behind the scenes bug fixes, site improvements, BackTo20/20 program updates, and video content.  Still I want you to feel motivated by these updates, check in on your eyeball friendly habits, make sure you too are making those 20/20 gains.

Keep me posted!