Yes, a bit of a focus lately on new podcast episodes.

I’ve heard all your requests over the years asking for more audio content, in keeping with the spirit of less screen time while working on your darling eyeballs happy focus.  

As always it takes me a while to contemplate and strategize and eventually implement ideas.  The podcast concept especially has been taking a while since your favorite old imaginary eye guru is neither good with keeping schedules, nor with talking to people in any coherent sort of fashion.  

But eventuously ….

Today we’ve got on Joonas, who made great headway over the past two years, 80% of it in the first six month.  Going from -2.00 to being largely glasses-free during the day time, Joonas graciously came on to share his story:

And of course, here is the audio:

And you can find this and all other episodes in your favorite podcast app (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many others) from our podcast page.

Or check out our Shortsighted Podcast playlist on the Tubes.

Also in the plan still, adding some of the more in-demand YouTube videos into the podcast format.  You know it will all take me a while but you might as well just subscribe to the Shortsighted Podcast to be automatically notified as new episodes become available.

Hopefully you’re enjoying all of this new content, and are keeping your eyeballs happy!