Today back to the ever popular topic, endmyopia vs. optometry mainstream.  

No matter how anti-social the beardly eyeguru may be, the over 90.000 monthly readers of the bloglet continue coming back for more.  The site is growing, the Facebook group is growing, even the beaten stepchild that is our YouTube channel gets a few new subscribers here and there.  

And with the increasing awareness about the myopia-illness-myth, comes increasingly more recognition by even the retail mainstream.

To highlight, few gems from the ole guru-inbox:

Keeping it brief, Imtiaz is.

But wait, there’s more (after I reply to the original message):

Shocked.  Not fitting the old-timey paradigm, this change.

If you read the blog regularly, you notice how many optometrist confirmed gains reports we get.

And best part, many of them don’t try to burry the results.  There’s a fair bit of “yea looks like you’ve got less myopia”, straight from the lens-selling horse’s mouth.  

Faith in humanity, a few points restored.

What’s even better though, is that quite a bit of the next generation of practitioners are seem much less closed-minded than the old guard of old-timey optometry dogma:

The future.

Change is nigh, darlings.

Here’s the real interesting part:

Google reports about 90.000 regular readers of this blog.  Even our un-promoted Facebook group has over 8.000 active participant members.  Fairly notable numbers, niche topic and questionable presentation considered.  Of all those figures, there are only 10 total BackTo20/20 invites (the somewhat hidden paid Jakey program) floating around any given month.  And yet several participants of the paid proceedings are actually in the industry.  

That’s right, optometry profession insiders actually pay money for the heretical ideas presented here.

The theme of who in particular is actually unsurprising.  The students, the next generation, the young ones, those tend to be the curious ones.  Someone who hasn’t spent decades repeating the same old timey dogma of “you’re genetically broken, forever”, much more likely to ask the right questions.

What’ll ultimately happen is anyone’s guess.  We might all live virtually inside Facebook and Instagram in a decade, maybe we won’t need any actual eyeballs.

In the meantime, let’s try not to waste our lives passively consuming screen content.  20/20 gains, see the real world for yourself!