Turn Any Writing Into Your Own Impromptu Eyechart

Val posts her latest status update in the forum (-8.50 to -.7.75, pretty good!), and with it, some awesome MacGyver math.  Instead of putting up an eye chart like basic guru Jake usually suggests, Val turns any outdoor writing into her own personal Snellen servant. 

Val’s math post excerpt:


The formula:  Font height / distance to sign *180/pi*60 = arc minutes 

Handy trick, just paste the whole thing into the Google search box to get the calculation result.  

If you can get to five arc minutes, you have 20/20 vision equivalent for that scenario.

Bear in mind, and I mention this in my reply to Val’s excellent post, that reading text with active focus experience is a bit tricky:

Note also that something interesting happens with writing, especially when your brain knows what you should be seeing. You may be able to clear writing to a much greater extent than objects that are “unknown” (like knowing a tree type by the shape of leaf, or a person’s face). We leverage this effect for much more effective stimulus and fast improvement, but it can also skew how well you can actually see (with the Snellen numbers as frame of reference).

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If you have a good deal with experience already with active focus and clearing double vision images, you know what I’m talking about.  You might be in total blur but just one distant sign seemingly pops out of nowhere, the text almost freakishly clear.  Just something to keep in mind, therapy methods vs. general acuity.

As usual, the forum is like a pirate’s island, full of all the golds and treasures.  The blog unfortunately is a bit of a one way street, with just me creating content.  My own personal favorite part of the site is definitely  the forum.  It’s only there that what I put out, comes back in many interesting forms, multiplying the quality and insights and experiences.  Thanks to everyone, and today to Val in particular, for sharing!

Housekeeping:  The Asian film crew is hard at work!  😉  

This one is about my take on plus lens therapy and other buzzword-ey shortcut attempts at capitalizing on trendy nonsense.  You always want to start with asking “why” and “how” things work.  What’s the science?  Is it substantiated in any way by unaffiliated and published clinical studies?  Or is Joe-Bob at it again, writing a bro-science ebook, filled with unicorns and wishful thinking.

Look for that on the @endmyopia Youtube channel, a bit later today.




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Turn Any Writing Into Your Own Impromptu Eyechart
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