Well hello there, darling kitteh!

As usual, all the 20/20 progress reports are piling up in the jungle dweller’s inbox, and the to-be-posted topics for the blog are exceeding an old beard’s contentious abilities to keep up with all the things.

Wah, Jake.  Life’s so tough, ain’t it.

This one though I have to get to you though, a video progress update from one of our awesome group members.  

Here’s Alex:

That’s pretty great.

You might be just a tiiiny bit sick of me repeating this, but …

If you’re happily mooching all the free resources, enjoying the countless hours of time that both an old guru and other participants are contributing for your benefit – do consider paying it forward by sharing your progress.  

(i’m kidding about the mooching – stuff’s free so you can use it)

Just help spread the word, that’s what really matters.  And make all teh 20/20 gainz!