Todd: Getting First Normalized Glasses at -2.25

I’m a big fan of structured approaches.

Call me lazy (or maybe just efficient).  Somebody else already figured it out, great.  Introduce me to that guy.  Give me the cliff notes.  Let’s get straight to the key bits, I don’t get a huge sense of accomplishment taking the long way if there’s no need for it.

Fine.  Maybe I am just lazy.

Here’s somebody who is definitely not lazy though, and also demonstrates how one might benefit from a finely tuned structured approach.  Todd is getting ready for his first normalized:


Look at that.  No silly exercises, no guess-work, all about getting to expert level here.

Here’s part two:

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And that centimeter chart.

Very on track, Todd.

You can also see the centimeter chart in his signature, showing a a nice 20% improvement since he got started.  A very nice, consistent, confidence inspiring range of progress.

This is what you want.  

No shortcuts, no cherry picking, no finding some magic sauce or personal accountability free way to get to your personal vision goals.  And once Todd has those good distance active focus habits going with his normalized, he’s going to see all sorts of great continuing 20/20 gains happening.

And of course, you can (and probably need to) DIY the approach.  To that end there is a large how-to guide section in the blog, specific sub sections for things like astigmatism, and progress stories to keep you motivated and show you others approaches.  I put these together so there’s no excuse not to get started right now, even if you can’t get a BackTo20/20 invite.  Everything is here, structured or DIY, to get you out of those nerd goggles!  😉



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Todd: Getting First Normalized Glasses at -2.25
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