Arielle’s Low Myopia: Optometrist Visit – Serious Changes!

Today it’s time to have yet another optometrist confirmed 20/20 gains report. We do get a fair amount of these and recently I finally made sure they get their very own category.  A lot of this […]

Jake Steiner

Nov 29,2017 · 3 min read

Today it’s time to have yet another optometrist confirmed 20/20 gains report.

We do get a fair amount of these and recently I finally made sure they get their very own category.  A lot of this is inspired by the doubters and nay-sayers, who put an old eye guru on to starting to keep track specifically of optometrist confirmed reports.  It’s a good point, getting actual validation from the optometrist.

It’s of course not a requisite to go see those guys.  You can self measure, and trust your own conclusions. Then again it can be that extra level of reassurance when even the mainstream lens seller has to concede that you made all the 20/20 gains.

Important note:  If you want to get started improving your own eyesight, I offer a number of courses, including options for one-on-one support with me personally.  Check out the courses page for what’s currently available to help your eyeballs.

Let’s get on to today’s Facebook and excellent improvement report post by Arielle:

City council of Gainsville.

There we have it.  Photo evidence and all.

Important to realize here that the premise of endmyopia is completely simple (much like your favorite eye guru’s brain).  Manage strain, maximize stimulus.  Nothing to it really, very basic biology.

The tricky thing and where the magic happens, is in all the details.

The Beardly Devil Is In The Details

If you were to set out to build a mechanical watch, you might read up on the basic principles of how an escapement works, and the reduction wheels to derive an accurate measure of time.  It’s pretty simple, something figured out a long time ago.  

Very simple concept the measure of time, but then so much more to the execution:

A Jake weakness, these tiny machines.

Above btw and a bit of a digression, a Habring2 movement.  

If you dig mechanical watches and in particular the art of building them by hand and haven’t heard of Habring, well worth checking out.  Husband and wife operation in Austria.  Richard Habring designed IWC’s split second chronograph, the man is a living legend in the world of watchmaking.  And you can actually get a watch made for you, made exactly how you want it, for a fraction of the price of any of the well known fancy Swiss snooty snouts.  Makes you love humanity just a little (more?), discovering people like Rich Habring.

Anyway.  Watches and myopia reversal both simple in theory, another thing to actually make happen in real life.

Here’s an example of what tends to happen when not applying all endmyopia ideas:

Didn’t listen to the bearded voice of reason.

Above, common.  Not a problem either but a good learning experience.  

Sometimes you stray from the path of established wisdom to try your own thing, and then realize how much value is possibly actually in what you can find here on endmyopia.

Know Your Diopters

Reduce by half diopter, only in specific cases (high myopia sometimes, for example).

Almost always still with reducing 0.25 diopters is just one of hundreds of tiny wheels that make the movement for all the 20/20 gains work smoothly.  We earned these insights from decades worth of individual experiences, experimenting, learning about human biology, and sharing notes and ideas.  While you find the sage guru here to be most dignified and sagely, the actual value is in having the combined experiences of thousands of individuals and their decades of improving their own eyesight.

Your goal here should be to become your own biological watchmaker.  Understand the biology, understand refractive state, understand stimulus.  Figure out how to tweak and tune diopters and habits to get the results you want.

As Wayne wisely points out:

Birds in open cages.

And that’s probably plenty enough for today.  Go make some 20/20 gains!




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